Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas

I haven't been keeping very up to date lately, but wanted to wish everyone a very 
Merry Christmas and happy and peaceful New Year.
Although I haven't posted much I have still been reading all your lovely blogs and have been really cheered up by all the lovely Xmas pictures and news.  I will try and do better in the New Year. 
Take care everyone

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Why is it I cannot seem to focus on one thing at a time. (Because I am female, a Gemini, a crafter)
I am sure I am not the only person like this. My trouble is I feel I do lots of things but nothing really well, perhaps because I never stick with something long enough.  I have tried to teach myself crocheting but move onto something else and when I go back to it I have completely forgotten what to do and have to look at my instructions again, same with knitting I  just about suss casting on/off basic stitches stop and veer off to something else so forget again. With clay this week I wanted to focus and practice but for some mad reason I decided to go back to making things with felt. Anyhow I supose it keeps life interesting. I have however noticed my children seem to be following in my butterfly footsteps, particularly my daughter.

Recently I have been making some more felt brooches.

Then I decided I would use felt to make some bookmarks.

A friend liked the camper van bookmark very much and asked me to make 2 for her boys I made one in dark blue and one in red and embroidered their initials and age on the front numberplate and their names on the bac, with buttons not hearts as headlights.. They did look quite sweet and she thinks they will like them which is great.

Now I have started making felt Christmas decorations, not as lovely as those by Clare at selfsewn, so my new clay cooker isn't getting as much use as I thought.  And talking of lovely things for Christmas Pippa at Pips has been making some beautiful items for all the craft fairs she will be doing, she is going to be very busy.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. xx

Friday, 11 November 2011

Bargins and Beads

Its been a little while since my last post. Partly because I have been busy using my new oven as some friends wanted some of the dolly mixture and allsorts bracelets I had previously made.  I feel I have done enough sweetie beads for now, but I am really pleased that they liked them so much.

I finally got around to attempting another flower cane and though not perfect I felt I am a slowly getting a step closer to getting the hang of it. As they say, you learn from your mistakes so next time I know what I will do differently. One of the purple clays came out much darker than I thought it  would after baking, but I still quite like them.

As I have mentioned  I love to collect vintage china and pretty bits and bobs. a few weeks ago I went to a local auction and was excited to spot these fab vintage sherry glasses with a lot of china and glass, seeing some other bits that looked interesting I decided I had to try for them so for the first time ever bid and won at an auction.
I love them like this

But even more like this!

 But even better was spotting this.

Having seen the wonderful trollies  by Jane at  Teawagon Tales, I had to have it and I will try and follow her example and make a lovely vintage craft trolley. Thank you Jane for your advice.  I will get round to actually painting it one day.

I have also been trying to make some polymer xmas tags for friends at work ( I know they don't read this so it is safe to show them).  I have tried to emboss their names on the stars but they do not show very clearly. I Inked in one to make it stand out. 

One day I hope I can make beautiful things similar to the ceramic Snowflakes designed and made by Cathy at Potter Jotter, (for which you can enter her give away). she  makes absolutely gorgeous ceramics.

Well I will stop rambling on and hope you all have a lovely weekend xx

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Lego and clay

At last I can get round to explaining my impending excitement in the last post. I was waiting to get this little baby.  Tah Dah !!!!   My toaster oven.

I know to some it may not be the most exciting purchase, but I love it.  I was feeling uncomfortable about using my domestic oven for clay all the time.  (apparently you have to CLEAN it!). So I managed to persuade Mr G for the family's safety and my sanity that I needed this. Luckily he agreed and home it came. Unfortunately the reflection shows the mess my kitchen is.

I  also love to collect vintage/retro china and glasses and thought I would show you the shelf above my new baby, with some of my bits and pieces. My dresser is full to bursting and it doesn't help I keep picking up bargins.

However instead of concentrating on trying to make lovely canes (which I really need to do) I have been somewhat sidetracked making these little trinkets. I would blame my lovely teenager as she likes to snaffle the things I make and loves fun quirky jewellery, but I have to take the blame, I like fiddling about making little things. Perhaps I am putting of trying to make canes that I feel will just squish. 

Well I am glad it is a last half term. Possibly not as glad as my Menace (who has told his teacher he likes nothing about school and only wants to be at home playing with his lego) at which I have to say he excels, a future Chief Exec of Lego in the making I think.

 Clone Wars Troop Transporters

Lets hope we can all enjoy the late sunshine. I hope you all have a lovely week. 
Till next time x

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Felt not Clay

I haven't really made anything with clay the last few days. Partly it think because I have felt a bit in awe of some of the really great blogs I have been looking at. But I am going to practice and use this great book as well as the tips and tutorials found online. It will be interesting to see in the future how / if my attempts develop. I am very excited (well its exciting to me) about getting something for my clay later today will reveal all soon.

 I realised I hadn't actually made any brooches lately and for some reason the recent chill in the air  made me want to try to make an autumnal brooch. So here it is.I made it from a felted scarf and added some embroidery and buttons, Mr G though the buttons blended too much, but that's what I wanted.

Then having got in the brooch mood,I decided to use some lovely purple and create a more abstract design (possibly a bit big but I think its ok) kind of based on a paisley shape.

I have discovered 2 lovely blogs today. Particularly excited as they are in Norfolk. One has the name of my lovely daughter  Planet Penny   (Penny not Planet) and has such beautiful needle felted items on there. I especially love the xmas robins (needle felting is something I have wanted to try for ages, after using felt for brooches - but somehow polymer jumped in the way - but I must try it soon) and moobaacluck who makes wonderful personalised wooden decorations, plaques and lovely illustrated cards.

Hopefully going to the boot sale at Hunstanton later, if I can get everyone moving. Hope I find some treasure.
Will let you know.

Monday, 10 October 2011


I knew having read craft blogs for quite some time before taking the plunge myself that people in the craft community seemed to be really friendly and supportive. Well I have found out that is truly the case.
Thank you so much to the lovely people who have been in touch and commented on my blog. Some I was aware of, others not and it is lovely to hear from you all.  
Thank you to Cara Jane, looking at the wonderful things she has made with polymer clay as in the picture below makes me realise I have a long long way to go.

                                                                  Made by   Cara Jane

Her pieces are marvellous.  The trouble is, I kind of expect that I should be able to do things straight away - and I cann't. I am realising this is going to be a long process of practice and trying to achieve better results.

Like Cara Jane I too had a top I wanted to make some jewellery to go with. Bringing some clay home from my workshop with  Karol, (someone else who is a master of Polymer clay jewellery ). I tried to make a flower cane in order to make a bracelet.

 Ooops not quite as easy as I thought. I don't know what quite happened with the flowers so I mixed them with some bullseye canes which went a bit squishy as well.
 However I was quite pleased with the overall result, it looks okay from a distance and I have worn it.

Well I intend to enjoy, what I can see turning into a polymer clay addiction, and already have enjoyed meeting some lovely new people.

Thanks all.   Lorraine xx

Sunday, 9 October 2011

At Last!

I have finally got around to using my Kaleidoscope canes (seen in last post) as beads in a couple of bracelets. I used a mix of small and large beads in one bracelet  and black bead spacers, both on elastic. I have worn them already and am really pleased with how they turned out.

I also made bracelets for a friends' 2 daughters One was my favourite Allsorts (unfortunately  the real ones are also my favourites - hence 1/2 a pack disappearing last night) and also I made a Dolly Mixture version. My friend thought they were lovely I just hope her girls do.

I have also tried to make another flower cane. It didn't turn out quite like I envisaged but I think the beauty of polymer clay is most things can look pretty cool. (Well that's the line I am taking) Will show it on my next post.  xxx

Monday, 26 September 2011

So Little Time So Much Clay

As previously mentioned I decided to investigate crafting with Polymer Clay. By chance I was amazingly lucky and came across a wonderful lady Karol Male at Coveted Artistry  - who makes the most marvelous polymer clay jewellery, and also shares her knowledge and skills by holding workshops.

Attending the beginners workshop in her lovely studio in Dereham I didn't believe I would be able to achieve the wonderful effects in canework she showed us. But with her patient tuition I did.  I was so pleased with what I achieved with Karols help (true I do need further practice and to hone my skills).  I was completely hooked and all morning  I could only focus on what we were doing and hardly touched the tea and biscuits kindly provided. (I know unusual!)

I was determined to attend Karol's Intermediate workshop which I did and I absolutely loved making more intricate canes.  However now all I want to do is sit and practice and create with clay. However daily life intrudes, why do I have to work, eat, cook, clean  I could be rolling, kneading, blending and creating. Oh well I will fit it in when I can.

I have put in some pictures of some of the work I did in progress and I have to say thank you to Karol not only a great teacher but also a truly lovely lady I feel fortunate to have met. No doubt we will keep in touch and I am sure I will be back for other workshops.

Bye for now xx

Saturday, 24 September 2011

At Last! My First Post!

After following the  wonderful blogs of others (for a long time) I have at last taken the plunge and started my own blog.  I have been so impressed by my lovely daughter's blog, Strawberry Laces, that I asked for her help  - which I really needed. So this first tentative start is thanks to her (thank you my lovely),

Why.. Well I love making things and trying to learn new crafts. I tend to be a bit of a butterfly learning a little of something (crochet, sewing etc) but never really becoming an expert at anything.  I wanted to share some of my creations and interests as well as keeping a record of our adventures as a family for us to look back on in the future.

I currently enjoy playing with wool sweaters and scarves, felting them and creating kooky brooches.  But my latest and newest Passion is Polymer Clay - thanks to the wonderful Karol at Coveted Artistry her super tuition has me completely hooked.  In part all inspired because my daughter wanted a Liquorice Allsorts bracelet which I have at last made for her.  Will write again soon. x