Sunday, 16 October 2011

Felt not Clay

I haven't really made anything with clay the last few days. Partly it think because I have felt a bit in awe of some of the really great blogs I have been looking at. But I am going to practice and use this great book as well as the tips and tutorials found online. It will be interesting to see in the future how / if my attempts develop. I am very excited (well its exciting to me) about getting something for my clay later today will reveal all soon.

 I realised I hadn't actually made any brooches lately and for some reason the recent chill in the air  made me want to try to make an autumnal brooch. So here it is.I made it from a felted scarf and added some embroidery and buttons, Mr G though the buttons blended too much, but that's what I wanted.

Then having got in the brooch mood,I decided to use some lovely purple and create a more abstract design (possibly a bit big but I think its ok) kind of based on a paisley shape.

I have discovered 2 lovely blogs today. Particularly excited as they are in Norfolk. One has the name of my lovely daughter  Planet Penny   (Penny not Planet) and has such beautiful needle felted items on there. I especially love the xmas robins (needle felting is something I have wanted to try for ages, after using felt for brooches - but somehow polymer jumped in the way - but I must try it soon) and moobaacluck who makes wonderful personalised wooden decorations, plaques and lovely illustrated cards.

Hopefully going to the boot sale at Hunstanton later, if I can get everyone moving. Hope I find some treasure.
Will let you know.


  1. I love your brooches, especially the paisley one.
    Anne xx

  2. I do hope you mean that you are not wallowing :)

    Cute brooches.
    Keep on with the clay, cos it's different!

    Hope you find something good!


  3. Hope you make lots of good use of your new 'toy' and then you can show us what you've done. The brooches are sweet!