Monday, 26 September 2011

So Little Time So Much Clay

As previously mentioned I decided to investigate crafting with Polymer Clay. By chance I was amazingly lucky and came across a wonderful lady Karol Male at Coveted Artistry  - who makes the most marvelous polymer clay jewellery, and also shares her knowledge and skills by holding workshops.

Attending the beginners workshop in her lovely studio in Dereham I didn't believe I would be able to achieve the wonderful effects in canework she showed us. But with her patient tuition I did.  I was so pleased with what I achieved with Karols help (true I do need further practice and to hone my skills).  I was completely hooked and all morning  I could only focus on what we were doing and hardly touched the tea and biscuits kindly provided. (I know unusual!)

I was determined to attend Karol's Intermediate workshop which I did and I absolutely loved making more intricate canes.  However now all I want to do is sit and practice and create with clay. However daily life intrudes, why do I have to work, eat, cook, clean  I could be rolling, kneading, blending and creating. Oh well I will fit it in when I can.

I have put in some pictures of some of the work I did in progress and I have to say thank you to Karol not only a great teacher but also a truly lovely lady I feel fortunate to have met. No doubt we will keep in touch and I am sure I will be back for other workshops.

Bye for now xx

Saturday, 24 September 2011

At Last! My First Post!

After following the  wonderful blogs of others (for a long time) I have at last taken the plunge and started my own blog.  I have been so impressed by my lovely daughter's blog, Strawberry Laces, that I asked for her help  - which I really needed. So this first tentative start is thanks to her (thank you my lovely),

Why.. Well I love making things and trying to learn new crafts. I tend to be a bit of a butterfly learning a little of something (crochet, sewing etc) but never really becoming an expert at anything.  I wanted to share some of my creations and interests as well as keeping a record of our adventures as a family for us to look back on in the future.

I currently enjoy playing with wool sweaters and scarves, felting them and creating kooky brooches.  But my latest and newest Passion is Polymer Clay - thanks to the wonderful Karol at Coveted Artistry her super tuition has me completely hooked.  In part all inspired because my daughter wanted a Liquorice Allsorts bracelet which I have at last made for her.  Will write again soon. x