Saturday, 22 October 2011

Lego and clay

At last I can get round to explaining my impending excitement in the last post. I was waiting to get this little baby.  Tah Dah !!!!   My toaster oven.

I know to some it may not be the most exciting purchase, but I love it.  I was feeling uncomfortable about using my domestic oven for clay all the time.  (apparently you have to CLEAN it!). So I managed to persuade Mr G for the family's safety and my sanity that I needed this. Luckily he agreed and home it came. Unfortunately the reflection shows the mess my kitchen is.

I  also love to collect vintage/retro china and glasses and thought I would show you the shelf above my new baby, with some of my bits and pieces. My dresser is full to bursting and it doesn't help I keep picking up bargins.

However instead of concentrating on trying to make lovely canes (which I really need to do) I have been somewhat sidetracked making these little trinkets. I would blame my lovely teenager as she likes to snaffle the things I make and loves fun quirky jewellery, but I have to take the blame, I like fiddling about making little things. Perhaps I am putting of trying to make canes that I feel will just squish. 

Well I am glad it is a last half term. Possibly not as glad as my Menace (who has told his teacher he likes nothing about school and only wants to be at home playing with his lego) at which I have to say he excels, a future Chief Exec of Lego in the making I think.

 Clone Wars Troop Transporters

Lets hope we can all enjoy the late sunshine. I hope you all have a lovely week. 
Till next time x


  1. I think it is a wonderful idea to have a toaster oven for your clay. Oh and messy kitchens are usually a sign of great creations. :)
    Anne xx

  2. love your kitchen shelf with pretty crockery. id love one like yours! i have also started collecting nice retro-looking, folky-style stuff for the kitchen. bright pastel colours are great and the blue colour makes is look rustic and fresh at the same time

    ps. my bf love your donoughts! :) he must be hungry, poor sod! :)