Saturday, 14 January 2012


Well we are into  2012. I  decided not to make many resolutions as I never really keep them.

However one I have made and will really try to keep, is to focus more on working with Polymer Clay. I had been flitting between different crafty things leading up to Christmas and though enjoyable I wasn't really practising any of the few and admittedly basic clay skills  I so far possess. Over Christmas I did some more clay work and really enjoyed it. So I am really going to do more and hopefully I will start to improve. I have particularly found  Cara's blog very inspiring she does such lovely things.

 This is a bracelet I have made to give to a friend who will soon be moving away.  I think its okay but when I put the cane slices on the bead I find that the pattern slightly distorts when I re-roll the bead to get it back in shape. Not sure how to get round that one?

I co-hosted a Vintage Tea party for my friends leaving bash. It was lovely to get out and use all my vintage china that isn't often seen,  However really annoyingly I forgot to take any pictures, aaaghhh. She did love the bracelet I gave her which I was really pleased about.

I have decided to go back to basics and practice things so I am off to try a skinner blend.

Back soon I hope. xz

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  1. Hmmm! That's really lovely and looks very well made, but don't get too good at it, or you'll be in competition with me! Lol.